Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Cover Letter

Fadzillah Nur d/ o Mohamed Abdullah
Blk xxx #02-00
Pasir Ris Street 51
Singapore xxxxxx

September 3, 2009

Human Resource Manager
Wildlife Reserves Singapore Pte Ltd
80 Mandai Lake Road
Singapore Zoological Gardens
Singapore 729826

Dear Sir/Madam,

Application for the position of Education Executive
I refer to the advertisement on regarding the abovementioned job offer. I believe that I am a potential candidate as I satisfy the academic requirements, have adequate social and communicative skills and have the love for the nature in the outdoors.

I will be graduating with a degree in Life Sciences from the National University of Singapore, with module experiences in Ecology, and Bodiveristy which provides me some extent of knowledge for the job. I have the experience of organising outdoor activities for my CCA and large scale events like Orientation Projects during my course of study in Secondary school and thereafter. At the same time, I have had first hand experiences of attending outdoor camps and fieldtrips to nature reserves in and out of Singapore.

Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) has goals to promote conservation through education and recreation and as such, establish conservation parks transforming them into world class tourist venues.  I am aware that WRS has an impressive track record for achievements, having won awards for Night Safari, Jurong Birdpark and Singapore Zoo for the past 15 years. Being awarded the Best Leisure Experience at Singapore Tourism Awards 18times reflects the great extent of the goal-oriented success of your company, and  I would like to be a part of that success.

I believe that I can contribute to the growth of a dynamic and motivated pool of Education Executives. Being young and vibrant, I hope to use my creativity to bring out fresh and innovative ideas in organizing interactive activities and events for WRS. Other than being confident, I have good interpersonal skills that allow me to interact well with others. These traits have been attributed to my experiences as a leader in my years of schooling, with the added advantage of a good command in English.  Being extroverted makes me outgoing, fun, and engaging.  With an enquiring mind and an interest in nature, I want to generate similar interests in others and share the passion for learning and discovering new things.

As such, I believe that I am ready to serve the company, having understood its needs and goals. At the same time, it will provide me an opportunity to pursue a career that involves meeting new people and being close to nature.

I have enclosed my resume for your consideration. I deeply appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you. If there is an opportunity for an interview, please contact me at 9xxxxxxx at your own convenience.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Fadzillah Nur