Monday, November 9, 2009

Final Reflection: Adieu ES2007S

It is the final weeks before semester officially ends. As much as I look forward to the end of semester, I do regret that the module ES2007S is also coming to a completion. Recently, as I was scanning through the guidelines to complete my Ecology lab reports, part of it mentioned “executive summary”. I was excited to see it! I have come across it during the course of the module; so, it made me happy that I know what it was all about. Taking this module has provided me with useful knowledge and skills for future use.

What made me choose to do this module is the idea that I would be able to learn things that were never taught in schools before. Things like, writing a resume, going for interviews, conducting presentations. Even though I have experienced them, I never actually had formal education on them.  I had the impression that students who were gifted with eloquence or highly confident by nature also have good communicative skills. However, after going through this module, I feel that everybody can be a good communicator. They just need to observe and practice the right methods in order to do so. So, even if a person is introverted by nature, it does not mean that he will have lower chances of acing an interview or presentation.

The skills that I have learned from this module will definitely help me in the near future. I like that I have had hands-on practice on writing a resume, cover letter, personal statement. With these skills, I now know what is expected when I have to apply for a job or internship. Other skills like proposal writing will very much be useful when I have to write my own for an event that I might partake in as organizers. Indirectly, learning these has influenced me to want to improve on my writing style, to polish my vocabulary and work on my command of English. I feel it is important to have a good mastery of the language aside from the skills to be able to communicate effectively.

On top of those skills, I am now able to practice some of the soft skills we have learnt. What is funny about this is that I find myself observing how others express themselves when they communicate. This is the outcome of understanding the fundamentals of body language and its relevance in communication. I am more sensitive in the way I express myself, to avoid any miscommunications and misunderstandings. I am also able to tolerate the way other people behave and communicate and this helps to improve relationships, both professional and personal.

In all, I am satisfied to have made an effort to complete this module. The knowledge and skills that I have gained are not something that I learn for the sake of learning, but are also feasible and applicable in real life. I hope to put them to great use.

I appreciate my classmates, my teammate Huiling and Christine for an enjoyable learning adventure for this course (:  


  1. We were actually discussing the relevance of the skills before we took up this module. After the module, I think we all benefitted and hopefully we are able to apply it to the real life as you had mentioned. You have been a nice classmate and unknowningly I think we have all became part of our own learning process in class during our interactions. And hope that you had enjoyed the class as much as i did.

  2. Hi Fadz!

    I have to agree with yout that this module is enjoyable, especially with great friends and tutor like Christine :)

    All the sharings and comments made during discussion in class were truly learning points for us. This is a good module and I'm glad we took it up together!