Sunday, November 8, 2009

Reflections on my ORAL PRESENTATION

My Oral Presentation

Last Thursday, my team-mate Huiling and I took our turn for oral presentation.  To rate our overall presentation, I feel that we have performed to our expectations. However, I do believe there are some aspects of the presentation that I could improve on.

Some things that went well for my presentation:

Generally, I felt that my delivery went well. I managed to convey my ideas eloquently most of the time. I made an attempt to be fluent and to speak clearly and slowly. I made eye contact with the audience for the most part and did not have to depend on my cue cards, although they did come in handy once in a while. During Q & A, I felt that I have handled the questions well, with an indication that my group has put some thought into our proposal.
Even so, I had problems using the wireless pointer. I think at one point during the presentation, it looked as though I was incompetent in using something that should have made things more convenient. I can only blame, not the gadget, but myself for not spending enough time rehearsing my presentation with it. Practising at home in front of the laptop is certainly not the same as the real thing. It affected my performance after that, although I hope that I managed to handle the blip professionally and calmly. It would have made matters worse if I had not. It might reflect that I was more nervous than I should have been.

Other than technical difficulties, I felt that I could have had more time to settle my nerves. Unfortunately, we came just in time for our presentation and I could not sufficiently prepare myself mentally for the presentation. This could have been avoided if I had come earlier to allow some buffer time to gather my thoughts and put myself together. Also I think a good night’s rest is essential. Without proper rest, I felt that my delivery lacked energy which could have livened up the presentation a bit more so that I can capture my audience’s attention.

In terms of slide ware, I think our presentation could have been more pleasing to the eye with the inclusion of videos and pictures. Nonetheless, we hoped to achieve a more professional look to our presentation and so, we refrained from using cartoon pictures to supplement our slides.

Overall, I think we manage to keep our presentation short and to the point without beating about the bush so much. We certainly tried to improve on our delivery methods from the feedback we received the last time we conducted our peer teaching lectures. As much as we regret some of the things we have made, we can only learn from them and hope that our effort pays off.


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  2. I think your team did quite well for the presentation. I have no complains except that you weren't there to see our team present.:) Even the most prepared person will get nervous and i think you settled in pretty well. Do keep up with the good work and you should rest well before the presentation to get yourself more mentally prepared.

  3. I agree with Stanley. It was a good presentation in general, as it was very clear and concise.

    The minor technical difficulties were well-handled, and both of you emanated confidence. There were signs of being slightly flustered at times, but that didn't affect the presentation too much. :)

    You did seem tired though. Please do take care of yourself and don't get burned out!